Many mortgagors who are quite capable of making mortgage payments are turned down for mortgages because they do not meet traditional lending guidelines as they are self-employed or work on commission.

Assessment of a mortgage application for a self-employed applicant can be further clouded by the fact that tax statements are often used to assess income and ability to repay the requested loan, and the income shown on these statements has usually been minimized by legitimate tax deductions.

We are connected to lenders with products and guidelines more suitable to the self-employed and commissioned population.

These lenders have broader policies regarding employment verification and documentation.

If the self-employed or commissioned applicant has a good credit rating, established business or steady sales record, strong equity, and no outstanding tax arrears, then we can usually get financing placed at a very decent rate of interest.

If you are self-employed or get paid by commissions, please do not hesitate to consult with us, we will help you the best mortgage available to you.


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