it is smart to work with us!

Using a Mortgage Broker is a growing trend in Canada.  Smart Home-Buyers and Home-Owners have realized that using an experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy Mortgage Broker is the way to achieve their best advantage in today's economy.  With experience and ethics, a Mortgage Broker is a no-cost, simple answer to an otherwise complicated mortgaging process.

KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE:  With decades of experience in real estate and financing, we know what we are doing!

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  High-quality service and follow-up when originating a mortgage, upon refinance, and at renewal time.   We are YOUR mortgage brokers and are happy to answer all your questions now and down the road. 

DISCOUNTED RATES:  As part of a high-volume, nationwide mortgage brokering network, we have access to discounted rates and can often get even better rates than offered directly by lenders.  

NO BROKER FEES:  We work for our clients, but get paid by the lenders.  With rare exceptions,our services to our clients do not cost them anything (o.a.c) and save them greatly in time and trouble.

WE DON'T KEEP "BANKER'S HOURS":  We don't disappear at 5pm.  If you need us,

you will get us. 

WE WORK FOR YOU:  We work for our clients and are not employed by the lenders.  Our

clients' best interests arealways our best interests.